Sample Bio Page

Sample copy for the Dawson Academy Scholar section on your personal bio page:

dr. scott finlay, dawson academy Dr. Scott Finlay has continued his professional education through The Dawson Academy, which offers a pathway to clinical mastery for dental professionals, in 2006. The coursework builds upon Dr.Finlay’s collegiate education to help him identify future problems before they advance and ethical treatment methods that solve patients’ problems the first time

Dr. Finlay has completed advanced dental training through The Dawson Academy that only 10 percent of dental professionals worldwide pursue. This 120-hour program teaches dentists how to achieve long-lasting results for their patients. He completed the coursework because he believes patients deserve the very best care.

What is Complete Dentistry?
The Dawson Academy is an institution for higher education aimed at advancing and refining the knowledge and skill set of exceptional dentists. The Dawson Academy teaches the philosophy of Complete Dentistry- a concept developed to encourage dentists to take a more comprehensive approach to dental care and the treatment of dental concerns. The dentist who practices Complete dentistry takes all aspects of the masticatory system into consideration, including the function of the jaw joints when developing treatment plans in order to provide more thorough dentistry that yields comfortable, lasting results.