About Dental Revenue

Dental Revenue is a dental marketing agency launched by AdsNext to provide websites, comprehensive online marketing, and lead generation software for modern dental practices. AdsNext was founded by Brian Burns in 2008 and initially serviced small businesses in the Baltimore and DC area. In 2010, the company began working with an Annapolis based dental practice, owned by Dr. Scott Finlay, and from there Dental Revenue’s transition towards dentistry was set into motion.

In the years that have followed, Dental Revenue has performed marketing services for over one hundred Dawson trained dentists as well as several members of The Dawson Academy’s Senior Faculty. These partnerships have helped establish the company as one of the premier marketing companies for practices specializing in complete and comprehensive dentistry. This underserviced segment of highly trained dentists has become the company’s niche as it can effectively articulate why specialized training, experience, and a more holistic approach should matter to patients seeking to achieve specific goals. By building value and creating differentiation the company connects practices to quality patients that value excellent dentistry from a highly trained dentist.

Dental Revenue actively seeks to work with practices that are interested in using the web to improve their brand, increase their visibility and connect with quality patients. The company has spent an extraordinary amount of time and financial resources to develop a marketing system that meets these practice’s specific needs. Today, Dental Revenue is almost 100% dental focused and works with over 200 dental practices worldwide.

About Dental Revenue

Our Team

Let our team works with yours to create a great dental website and marketing program.

We develop, implement and monitor unique marketing platforms for dentists that help you to build a better practice. Our dashboard provides real-time data analysis and feedback on how your practice is growing, where you can improve and your return on investment.

Our production team works with you from the beginning to develop a website that represents you and your office. Our products are the result of years of development, focused on the dental market.

Periodic account management meetings will help you to achieve your marketing goals, identify future needs and grow your practice in a manner that serves your Dawson training and skills.

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Ready to Take the Next Step?

Every Dawson Dentist is eligible for this program regardless of the status of their Dawson training. If you would like to find out more information about the website and marketing options available please click the button to the right and an account manager experienced with working with Dawson Dentists will contact you.